Episode 16 – The Dallas Unicorn

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“Sam”, a unicorn from the Dallas area, joins us on the podcast.  A unicorn is a single female in the swinging lifestyle.  She’s been a unicorn in the lifestyle less than a year,  yet she has more than enough experience and insight to keep us all entertained.  She talks about her busy lifestyle calendar, her unique perspective on dating, and some of the concerns of being a unicorn in the lifestyle.  We also discuss the unspoken taboo in the lifestyle.


Show mentions:

Sam’s Twitter – @dfwunicorn

We Vibe 4+ – the vibrator, Sam refers to, that is her personal favorite.  She can control the vibrator with an  app on her phone.

SDC.com – One month free promo code 25648

Coletteclubs.com – The lifestyle club in Dallas that we attend

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  1. L

    Hello, T & A!

    Love your podcast! I’ve been a steady listener since the beginning. I wanted to thank you for bringing up the “unspoken taboo” of male bisexuality. The more we talk openly about this blatant double standard, the greater the chance that acceptance will spread.

    My wife and I swing together. I am a bisexual male, she is straight, and our preferred play partner is a single bi male. We started swinging 4 years ago when my wife offered to help me experience the bi sex activities that I had fantasized about my entire adult life. We have played with bi and straight men, she has played alone on a couple occasions, and we seem to be inexorably moving toward play with other couples. Our favorite situation is still a full-on threesome with a bi guy, with no boundaries.

    Through all of this, I have always been open to other lifestylers about my preferences, and have never experienced active hostility. There is definitely a lack of open discussion about male bisexuality, though, as you discuss in this episode. When entering the lifestyle, we had assumed that the generally high tolerance for the full spectrum of sexuality would extend to bimale preferences, hence my (our) openness about it. I do not proselytize! We treat it as we do any other preference, and if we play on opposite sides of that boundary with other guys, we still have a great time, and believe that they do, too! We feel that the optimum approach is for us to be the best ambassadors for male bisexuality that we can be, and to promote general acceptance of all positions on the sexuality continuum.

    Once again, many thanks to Sam and you both for broaching this subject! Good luck with a great podcast! I’ll be listening…


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