Episode 27 – Dallas Unicorn & Single guy revisit the Dallas Pool Party


George (the single guy) and Sam (the Dallas unicorn) want to tell their version of the the Dallas pool party podcast from last week.  We revisit some of the things we talked about from the last episode but from our guests’ perspective, as well as some of the things that we didn’t catch while we were there.  We address our new found rep in the lifestyle.  Plus what happened to these two and their Twitter accounts.


In case they get back on Twitter

George @thesingleguyDFW

Sam @DFWUnicorn

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  1. Twinflamessea

    Just listened to this episode and am delighted you followed through with posting the orgy photobomb. You two are filled with awesomesauce. Love your podcast!

  2. That great guy

    Having friends who casually demand compliments about their blow job skills. Isn’t that one of the best things in life?

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