Episode 33 – From having our best night to… he did what?


We have a night out in Dallas at Colette with friends.  The friends included the couple that was our previous best night (e.23) and the first couple we ever swapped with.  The night went from having the most hot fun we’ve ever had to (enter the sound effect of the record screeching to a stop) a line being crossed.

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  1. terrassapareja

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to congratulate you in a few lines after listening to you for the first time. I am the male of a begginer couple in the swinger lifestyle and after having our first and only swaping by the moment and finding your site and your style of podcast, I could not resiste to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, that make me thinking about recovering my blogger times and probably start a new site as we are entering now that episode of our lifes as swinging couple. Once again congratulations, you look pretty in love by the sound of your voices 😀
    Greetings from Barcelona, and excuse me for my poor level of english.

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