Episode 38 – Desire Vacation Part 4 – Encore Performance

IMG_0583 2Our flight gets canceled home from Cancun. We are determined to make the most of it. We opt to head back to Desire. After spending 6 hours at the airport, once we step foot on Desire again, the party starts. T totally redeems himself after the part 3 podcast. We partied like rock stars and we share the details with you. [This podcast has been taken down due to the content]

Desire Resorts – Mexico

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  1. Lowell

    T & A,

    Just finished listening to your EP-38, & I have to say— just how far the human potential has come, in that, we are capable of bridging the gaps of jealousy, hatred, and feelings of isolation/betrayal ; and overcoming the corresponding pain from a deep-love’s historically eventual, & inevitable tragic outcomes as portrayed so well in classical art & literature, and in many of our own lives, as well.

    The characteristic of compersion, a deep love/caring, and knowing/learning/understanding of your partner & the social-climate that you inhabit; all contribute to this being a possibility; and apparently a reality, as well, with numerous swingers today.

    In your case, it is evident that you both had to do a lot of soul-searching, self-reflection, & honest discussion & understanding of your s.o., in a loving manner, to arrive at this most unusual, but desirable expansion of the resilience of your relationship.

    Congratulations to you both; with so much calamity, anger, hatred, and destructiveness in the world this past year (2015), you both offer some real hope & optimism to your listeners looking forward toward the future.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your journey.

  2. Ger

    Any other way of getting ep38?
    My wife and I love your podcasts. Helped us take the leap into this wonderful lifestyle here in Ireland

  3. Chris

    Hey what a great set of podcast with us and all of them and were getting ready for our second trip this Friday and you certainly put us in the mood. Read be interested to hear the backstory on why the edited version?

  4. D. C.

    I only listened to the edited version of this podcast. It is hard to follow and share in A’s excitement and or understand the story. I understand you got your hand slapped for telling something in the unedited version, and I have a pretty good guess why you had to edit it as I have listened to the podcast before this one, but you may think about re-recording it and providing some of the missing pieces without going into details and or names but at least that would allow the narrative to function

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