Episode 40 – Dallas Hotel Party

We spend a Friday and Saturday night in Dallas.  We have a couples date with friends that leads to a fun night.  We connect with Sam and George for their IMG_0787hotel party.  We make new friends and connect with old friends.  We meet some listeners and have an update on male supplements.


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  1. Lowell

    Hey Folks,
    I’m just a listener, who listened to the Ep-40. I don’t know if you guys are looking for this kind of feedback from listeners—having listened to maybe 15 episodes, I certainly not someone who knows you.

    But I feel strongly that this advice may be helpful to you. As a listener of your friend’s Podcast as well, I recall the Mr. of the pair emphasizing this point:
    (whenever, one of the couple feels “not into it”, not “feeling it”, for whatever reason, the other person in the couple should unconditionally stop what they’re doing and respect the other’s need to timeout, and perhaps, need to talk, or reconnect with your partner. As incidental as your quick response to her/his needs may appear to be, your clearly prioritizing her/him over what you are doing is especially important to express by your actions. ) I would add, from my own personal relationship over the years(not Swinging), this small moment of delay, question, negotiation, may surprisingly do damage to the relationship that is difficult to erase. (My experience being with a sensitive, loving woman; but, may also apply to men as well-don’t know.) I only mention this because, to my surprise, it was sort of like a trap for the guy(in my case) to fall into, because it seems at the time that a negotiation, or discussion is a safe route to go. But, in fact, it is not about the topic that you want to negotiate at all, it’s above her being able to know that your her man under any situation. Your her Rock. Again, don’t know how true this is if genders were reversed. Also, I don’t think T did anything wrong, but still he needs to be aware of this emotional trap with women in the future. It ends up not being something that you can logic out of…… as, A said, it ” is what it is”, or more precisely, this action in her mind has left the arena of logic, and had gone into the emotional realm, where things don’t have to make sense—they only need to feel right.
    All in all, it’s incredible the belief in monogamy in our society has lasted so long. I think with technology of networks, picture messages & real time communication & access to information, monogamy my have met its match. Sad, as I am a believer.

  2. michael angelich

    I have listened to you guys from the start
    I am a 67 yeat old man married three times. am married now for 30ty years
    Have had a very active sex life with many threesomes both mmf and ffms. I stay thin and fit . As the years have passed my love love for my wife has deepened
    Its just her these days l have stayed thin and she hasn’t
    She had lost a lot of her sex drive she has given me the green light to take a lover its not going to happen. we had a great sex life so many stories its time to slow down. Our two daughters are grown they have and are the joy of my life. One piece of advice allways play together. P.s.no swinging on your honey moon have the most loving sex two people can have with most intense orgasm two people can have. Good luck. Mike

    • The Curious Couple

      Hey Mike,
      Thanks for writing us! Not sure about that honeymoon suggestion, but we’ll consider it 🙂

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