Episode 41 – STDs in the Lifestyle

It’s not a sexy topic, but it’s a real discussion needed in the lifestyle. We receive a lot of emails about this topic. We realized in a conversation with a LS couple that A’s experiences weren’t uncommon. This made her feel a lot better and we realized communicating this to our audience may benefit a lot of people. We also talk about our future trips planned and how you can join us.


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  1. Swaplicity

    We were in the lifestyle for a few years and generally had a good time and met many friends that we still enjoy. We dropped out of the LS though after figuring out that the community is awash in HPV. It’s pretty safe to say that somewhere between 75% and 100% of people in the lifestyle are infected. This is a very easily transmitted virus; unlike more well known STIs, HPV is readily spread through oral sex and even deep kissing. There is no test to determine if a man is a carrier and the most likely time you’d notice if a woman has it is with an abnormal pap smear. The infection can resolve itself after 18 months however, the abnormal pap smear is an indication of abnormal cervical cells that are precursors to cervical cancer. A friend of ours in the lifestyle said that his wife just had regular LEEP procedures to burn off these cells. In the end, we decided that regular LEEP procedures and the risk of cervical cancer didn’t outweigh the fun we had with swinging. We noticed that you didn’t bring up HPV in your podcast. It’s worth revisiting the topic of STIs in light of HPV.
    Otherwise, you two do a nice job with your podcasting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. AnM

    You do not have to have open oral lesions to “catch” std’s. As previously posted by one of your listeners, HPV, is a very scary virus. I recently had a friend pass from esophageal cancer. It is felt that the one of the primary culprits of this type of neoplasm is due to HPV via oral sex.

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