Episode 44 – The Keys to the Ferrari (Desire Trip Rd 2 day 1)

We are back at Desire Riviera Maya Mexico for 5 nights meeting one of our favorite couples there. This is our second trip in 6 months. Previous episode we announced we were pregnant, but since then we had a miscarriage.  It’s been a rough few weeks, but this trip was exactly what we were needing. We talk about our first night at the resort and meeting a new sexy couple that has A all worked up. Plus we have a cautionary tale to share with all you swingers out there.


We are nominated for Lifestyle Podcast of the year!

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  1. Low

    T & A, I’m saddened to hear about your loss. As a longtime listener, I have often sensed that together you are a beautiful & vibrant couple, full of life, and for this reason I feel compelled express my condolences to you both publicly. God bless you both.

    Remember everything in this life is fleeting; temporary, so this may be a strange way God has of reminding us of this certainty.

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