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We are a 30-something couple with a curiosity for adventure.  We got started down this path early in our relationship as we were learning about one another.  We found a unique level of comfort and acceptance as we talked about our likes, dislikes, thoughts, desires and fantasies.  This open communication has continued and brought us closer as you can easily hear in our communication on the podcast. We hope to continue to nurture our relationship and share our adventures with our audience as we explore the swinging lifestyle together.

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From our listeners:

Hi T and A ! 
This is the first email I ever write any podcast.  First of all let me tell you it’s a great podcast. 
I have checked several lifestyle podcasts and they don’t compare to yours. You give the listeners what they are wanting to hear.  -A
Hey guys,
Good job on ep-46. The play-by-play podcast of your staging & choreographing of A’s latest fantasy, was amazingly open, intimate and, at times, very humorous. I believe T’s level-headed descriptions & gentle prying of A for facts about her solo encounter with Mr Dallas earlier, were equally endearing, as was the powerful attachment you both displayed with your discussion & execution of the mini-solo-experience with the Dallas’ in the open bar area. I don’t know why, but when listening to these extremely intimate situations and seeing that you are both being openly, & genuinely portrayed to your audience, in such a level-headed manner, with the appropriate sacredness deserved by such an unique encounter with your significant-other; my reaction is nowhere near an erotic one, but only a heart-felt /empathy, of what an untrodden human-journey that you and your peers have chosen to travel, and to do it with such grace. ‘A’ adds a reality check time & time again, as she poses questions/arguments/suggestions from a personal &/or visceral place rather then a politically-correct standpoint, adding twists & turns to T & A’s adventure together—which is what actually happens in the real-world in this journey of life. I do believe that this is just ‘A’s pragmatic back-to-the-basics way coming through, as it is often her own body that is pivotal to the direction of the evening plans. From an aesthetic-viewer POV, really quite beautiful to watch it all unfold each month. Your satisfied, happy Viewer friend. – L

Hi T and A,
Just wanted to write and say thank you for the podcasts. I, Matt, have been listening for about 2 weeks now on my 45 minute or so commute to and from work everyday as well as when I get to work I try and squeeze in another episode prior to anyone else showing up for the day. My wife and I are new to the lifestyle and it is great to hear both of your perspectives. I thoroughly enjoy being able to here your “journey” from the very beginning. I constantly am trying to visualize what you guys look like as you speak through your podcasts. – M & L