Episode 11 – Pills

On this episode we discuss some of the changes and improvements we are doing with the podcast as well as our website.  We discuss some of the lifestyle’s topics often not discussed along with preconceived notions.  This conversation leads us to talking about pills both for men and women.  Enjoy!

Show notes:

We refer to SDC – Swingers Date Club for couples – sdc.com free one month trial enter our promo code 25648

These are the pills I was referring to from the adult bookstore. Click the image to buy on Amazon


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  1. Phil

    T, I’ve been using cialis and have used viagra for play time. I’m sure you’re aware of the outragous price and, given my situation am looking for an OTC alternative. Did this stuff give you a headache like so many do? Also, which store did you get them?

    Austin, TX

    • Phil
      I first bought this OTC alternative at an adult bookstore. They have a lot of options. I’ve noticed they’ve been every porn shop I’ve gone in to. Typically they’re kept behind the counter. Speaking to the store clerk, she explained that she has swingers come in all the time for them and swears by them. Another clerk told me she had a porn star come in regularly to buy them before porn shoots. I did not experience any kind of negative side effect like headaches. I usually have a few cocktails when I take them, so any light headed feeling would have been associated with alcohol consumption. I am typically very sensitive to what I put in my body and I haven’t noticed anything that would discourage me. The only side effect is the length of time it lasts in my system. I’ll be horny and quick to respond to anything for about 3 days. I put a picture and link to the one I’ve taken a handful of times. The link is to Amazon for 5 pills. I only take half a pill when I use. The pills in the store are $9-12.

      ~ T

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