Episode 15 – Neighbors with Benefits stars join us


Stars from the show Neighbors with Benefits join us on this podcast.  We pick their brains about the show, it being canceled, their relationship, and what’s in their future.  We share some laughs (and flirting) with this fun REAL couple.

Neighbors with Benefits aired on A&E for two episodes.

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  1. NiNi

    It is unbelievable to me that they received negative backlash from other swingers. We have dabbled but have not gone full on into it for our own personal reasons but, the show addressed the concerns that we had, and things that we or others we know have experienced. So, I think that what they call “drama” is actually letting people know that they are not alone in their feelings… that one moment of jealousy, uncertainty or insecurity doesn’t mean you can’t move on and find your own path within the lifestyle. It also reinforced the importance of keeping with the general rules of respect and boundaries with others, as well as maintaining communication and keeping within the rules and boundaries of your individual relationships. Like, yes, their can be consequences if you do not take these things seriously. It was actually a positive for us.

    • curiouscouple

      Well said Nini! Glad you found what works for you. It’s a shame there isn’t more acceptance, but I think society is slowly moving that way

  2. It was an interesting concept brought to television. It could have worked. I was bored watching it. The show made it seem like a cult. I wonder if the other seven filmed episodes will ever be seen. The swinglifestyle is not meant to be like a cult and I guess not on TV either.

    • curiouscouple

      I like to think it was just a step for society opening up to a new concept. It sounds like we may get a chance to see the other episodes if they are sold to another station.

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