Episode 49 – Socio-sexual Swingers (Naughty in Nawlins Part 2)

Part 2 of our Naughty in Nawlins trip. More connections with fellow FullSizeRender 2podcasters; Swinging Downunder, We Gotta Thing, That Couple Next Door, & The Aussie Swingers. We talk about the conclusion we’ve come to that we are socio-sexual swingers, or at least for now that’s the best way to describe ourselves. We continue to talk about our time in New Orleans and a couple of missed hot opportunities, a couple of hot experiences, and we wrap up our time.

Naughty in Nawlins

Our interview on Swinging Downunder

Episode 26 – Pool Party with Dallas Friends

George “the single guy” and Sam “the Dallas Unicorn” invite us to their pool party they are throwing in Dallas.  We are told it’s a select guest list and we’re guaranteed to have a good time.  We recall the night driving home the next morning.  We have an honest talk about our miscommunication that could have derailed the fun.  We provide details both emotionally and physically about what we experience this trip.


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Episode 16 – The Dallas Unicorn

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“Sam”, a unicorn from the Dallas area, joins us on the podcast.  A unicorn is a single female in the swinging lifestyle.  She’s been a unicorn in the lifestyle less than a year,  yet she has more than enough experience and insight to keep us all entertained.  She talks about her busy lifestyle calendar, her unique perspective on dating, and some of the concerns of being a unicorn in the lifestyle.  We also discuss the unspoken taboo in the lifestyle.


Show mentions:

Sam’s Twitter – @dfwunicorn

We Vibe 4+ – the vibrator, Sam refers to, that is her personal favorite.  She can control the vibrator with an  app on her phone.

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Coletteclubs.com – The lifestyle club in Dallas that we attend

Episode 8 – T & A joined by ‘the single guy’

We are in Dallas for another fun weekend.  This time we meet up with our single guy friend George, whom we’ve referred to as “The Mayor of Swingsville.”  We pick his brain about being a single guy in the swinging lifestyle.  He shares his story, as well as stories of his recent vacation to a SDC cruise takeover.


George’s Twitter account – @thesingleguydfw