Episode 35 – Desire Vacation part 1 – Popping Cherries!

IMG_0574We go to Desire Resort at Riviera Maya for a 4-night vacation.  Desire is an all inclusive, clothing optional/lifestyle friendly resort just south of Cancun, Mexico.  This is our first visit but it won’t be our last.  This is the first podcast about our trip with more to come.  We tell you a little about the resort, but mostly about our experiences while there.  We meet sexy couples that become fast friends. We get to be the experienced lifestylers to newbies and introduce them to full swapping. This was a new role for us, and we tell you all about it.

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Desire Resorts


Episode 30 – The Last Pool Party of the Summer

We drive down to Dallas for another pool party hosted by Sam, the Dallas unicorn.  George, everyone’s favorite single guy, was there as usual providing plenty of entertainment.  We mingled and played with friends as well as made some new friends.  Even though we may have had our limitations going into it, we made the most of it, and came home with good stories.

Episode 27 – Dallas Unicorn & Single guy revisit the Dallas Pool Party


George (the single guy) and Sam (the Dallas unicorn) want to tell their version of the the Dallas pool party podcast from last week.  We revisit some of the things we talked about from the last episode but from our guests’ perspective, as well as some of the things that we didn’t catch while we were there.  We address our new found rep in the lifestyle.  Plus what happened to these two and their Twitter accounts.


In case they get back on Twitter

George @thesingleguyDFW

Sam @DFWUnicorn

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Episode 26 – Pool Party with Dallas Friends

George “the single guy” and Sam “the Dallas Unicorn” invite us to their pool party they are throwing in Dallas.  We are told it’s a select guest list and we’re guaranteed to have a good time.  We recall the night driving home the next morning.  We have an honest talk about our miscommunication that could have derailed the fun.  We provide details both emotionally and physically about what we experience this trip.


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Episode 20 – Holli and Michael from Playboy’s Swing join us


Holli and Michael from Playboy TV’s ‘Swing’, join us for a fun conversation about the lifestyle, vacations, and their unique journey in the public eye.  Holli and Michael do this for a living and provide a wealth of information.  They have their own daily radio show on Playboy radio and travel the world helping open people’s minds to a happy way of life.  We have a blast chatting with them and we know you will enjoy it.


Twitter @swingtime69



Swing with Holli & Michael  (radio show) can be found at playboyradio.com M-F 1-2pm pst.

Call in to their live show at (855)-5PLAYBOY


Show References:

Swingland  (Book) by Daniel Stern

Swingland Sitcom TV show on Playboy TV

Hidden in America – TV show –

Nightline – Naughty in N’awlins

Absinthe Show at Caesar’s Palace


New Terms:

Kink Law  – lawyers who specialize in law related to sex rights

Living sexy – Synergy – 15 million identify with being swingers in US and Canada

62 million people identify with being “open minded, sexy, experimental, sensual”


Resorts and Travel:

Hedonism – Jamaica

Desire Resorts Corp.

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun




Episode 19 – Cuckold / Hotwife Fantasy

1We are joined by our friend Dave to discuss his fantasy of watching his wife with another man. We introduced Dave and his wife to the lifestyle about two years ago. They are relatively new to the lifestyle and have had limited experiences, but he’s joined us to share what fun they have had and what they look forward to experiencing in the future. We also share how we have personally helped get the ball rolling for them.  The pic above is the hotwife of our guest.

References to:

SDC.com – Swingers Date Club – Promo code for free month membership – 25648

C4P.com – Club Fore Play – Swinger profiles and party site

coletteclubs.com – Lifestyle night club in Dallas

Episode 8 – T & A joined by ‘the single guy’

We are in Dallas for another fun weekend.  This time we meet up with our single guy friend George, whom we’ve referred to as “The Mayor of Swingsville.”  We pick his brain about being a single guy in the swinging lifestyle.  He shares his story, as well as stories of his recent vacation to a SDC cruise takeover.


George’s Twitter account – @thesingleguydfw